The Silent Language


 It is a complex language used to communicate using signs made by moving your hands combined with facial expressions. It is the primary language for people who are Deaf or hard- of- hearing

Why is it important to learn?

 The deaf community is larger than you think. It is all around us. Because the language is silent, we do not notice it so much. However, wherever you work you will eventually encounter with someone who uses sign language. It will you a chance to interact with them and have them feel welcomed. Some Deaf and hard- of hearing individuals feel out of place and uncomfortable talking to individuals who are hearing. There are several reasons why; hearing people tend to expect that all Deaf individuals can read lips so they do not bother to try to learn Sign Language and interact with them; Some hearing individuals are ignorant and think that individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing do not understand and that they always need the help. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people who are in fact ignorant. 

Super Easy!

It is one of the easiest languages to learn. Most signs are commonplace gestures. You can pick up the signs quickly and its fun!

Can Be Very Useful!

Signing can be very beneficial to know. Certain situations such as, interacting with deaf individuals for example, at your workplace. Need to communicate in a crowded place? Did you lose your voice? Do you need to communicate and when you are in different rooms? Use Sign Language!   

Hearing Individuals Signing!

Yes, you would be surprised how many hearing people learn American Sign Language as they were growing up. There are several reasons why they would learn it. They could have a family member who was Deaf or Hard- of- hearing; for some Sign Language is there way of expressing themselves; Autistic individuals generally learn Sign Language as their way of communicating and expressing themselves. Most Autistic individuals find it very hard to interact with others, so they sign instead. With this form of communication, they can express their needs, their emotions without talking, it is their safe way of communicating with others.

Letter signs of the letters, "A", "S", "L". Which stands for American Sign Language

The Letters Shown ASL in Sign Language

Bilingualism Boosts Your Brain!

Studies show that bilingualism (speech or sign), “enriches and enhances your cognitive processes: higher abstract and creative thinking, better problem-solving, greater cognitive flexibility, better listening skills, greater academic achievement, and more! It also promotes cultural awareness, literacy, and other intellectual benefits.

It’s Simply Beautiful!

People simply find it fascinating, beautiful, unique, graceful and expressive. The more signers learn ASL, the harder, the more complex, and the more challenging it gets they realize. But, in the end, it’s all worth it and it’s a fulfilling experience. You would be surprised how many people who are hearing, learn Sign Language growing up. It is a language that is so expressive.

So I guess the question I want to ask you is, why wouldn’t you want to learn Sign Language?


My Sign Language Covers of Songs! – Nisreen majid

I also have a youtube channel of me making Sign Language covers of trending songs and mashups. Even Deaf people can feel the vibration of the music. I believe feeling the music is just as important as listening to it.



Hand Speak,




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